WILD – Protein Price Increases Explained

Dear BodyByWild Babe,

The Supplement Industry, along with the Food & Beverage Industry, continues to experience significant challenges, including:

  • The long term lasting impact of COVID-19 on the overall supply chain
  • The growing inflation associated with raw materials, packaging and freight
  • The rising costs associated with manufacturing and operations worldwide
  • Unstable fluctuating exchange rates and rising fuel prices effecting all imported materials and their freight

As a brand we have always believed in staying transparent, current and flexible with all of our customers. Our manufacturing process is unfortunately experiencing a significant increases in raw material base prices, higher freight costs and major foreign exchange effects which are having a significant impact on raw materials and production costs, and inevitably leading to increases in finished product cost pricing.

Despite our best efforts to minimize the impact of the cost increases, we are unfortunately left with no option but to adjust the prices of our products supplied, primarily being the powdered products. As you will notice, these changes in pricing are not just effecting WILD as a brand but rather can be viewed across the board and across most major supplement brands, especially on WHEY containing products due to severe dairy shortages that can be seen worldwide. 

Whey prices have gone up over 60%. In addition to whey prices increasing, unfortunately, all of our raw materials are up 4% to 200%. We could have potentially found cheaper sources to avoid increases, but our promise to you has been to provide the highest quality ingredients and we strive to continue to do so.

This is not the news we had hoped to deliver. Our promise to you is that we are actively working on solutions in the background in order to deliver the most value to our customers and constantly better our product offering.

We appreciate your understanding, value your business and remain committed to providing you with superior service and exceptional products that help you on your unique journey.

xx Wildcat