The #UltimateWildcat Ambassador Search is BACK bigger and better than ever before! 

Times are changing and the landscape is constantly shifting. Along with the trends, we are no longer looking for a traditional model and we’re not looking for a social media model or influencer either – this time we are looking for the ULTIMATE embodiment of BOTH and the ULTIMATE Ambassador to represent the brands.

The ULTIMATE Ambassador / Model / Influencer / Content creator in today’s society is someone who can encompass all aspects of being a Boss, a Business and a Brand. Someone who is able to represent a brand and is constantly striving for improvement, someone who is eager to learn and acquire the skills she needs in order to evolve and become the best at her game and the ULTIMATE version of herself.

The #UltimateWildcat Search powered by ASUS Vivobook Pro has been specifically designed to empower aspiring athletes, models, influencers and creators who would like to gain more experience and knowledge about the industry.

The competition extends an exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity to the top finalists where they’ll have the chance to work and learn alongside some of the best creative talent in hopes of becoming the #UltimateWildcat ’23 and kickstart their model / influencer career.

#UltimateWildcat #BecomeTheUltimate #ASUS #OLED #WowTheWorld


We are looking for established girls as well as young & fresh NEW girls. You don’t need to have professional photos to enter the competition, any photos will suffice as long as they haven’t been drastically modified. We are looking to crown the Ultimate Ambassador, so you will need to have good content creation skills to be able to reach the top.

We are looking for girls that can represent the brands and as such able to embody the look and essence of the brands.

We are looking for girls that have a healthy look and fit body, who live and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, it’s not necessary to have a muscular or slim physique to be able to enter as long as the overall message portrayed by the individual falls in line with the brand’s values.

This is a free-to-enter competition, entries will open on – Wednesday the 1st of February 2023 and will remain open until end of day – Monday the 20th of Fabruary 2023.

The Top 30 Finalists will be announced on Wednesday the 1sth of March 2023.


Once the Top 30 have been chosen, each one of the Top 30 finalists will receive a bi-weekly package that will include a shoot outfit that corresponds with the bi-weekly photoshoot theme. Each one of the contestants will be required to create a photographic still or video content piece with the outfit she has received and submit to WILDCAT as per each challenge’s requirements brief. The photos are not required to be done by a professional photographer and can be done using any camera or phone camera, with the help of a friend, boyfriend or even a tripod. However, the competition standard is very high and we do expect a level of quality and professionalism.

Each 2nd week the submitted photos will go up for voting on the WILDCAT IG stories. Based on public votes, a selection of finalists will be eliminated after each challenge, leading up to the Top 4 finalists being selected, who will be invited to attend the #UltimateWildcat experience and photoshoot, based on which – 1 winner will be selected.

The content challenges will run bi-weekly and will include the following themed looks – Swimsuit / Lounge / Active / Bikini.

The Top 4 finalists will be selected to attend The #UltimateWildcat photoshoot in May 2023 *exact date and location to be confirmed*.

#UltimateWildcat #BecomeTheUltimate #ASUS #OLED #WowTheWorld

#UltimateWildcat Ambassador Search Competition Prizes :

Each one of the Top 30 will receive a hamper from WILDCAT that will include a selected outfit based on the weekly challenge theme. As long as the contestant remains in the competition, she will be gifted a new hamper with each bi-weekly challenge.

Each one of the Top 6 contestants will receive an ASUS Vivobook Pro laptop to the value of R25,000.

The Winner will also receive – 

R25,000 Monetary Ambassador contract with WILDCAT.
R25,000 Monetary Ambassador contract with ASUS.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q : Is there a height requirement?

A : No, we are not looking for runway models 🙂 height is not a deciding factor.

Q : Can you re-enter if you have entered before?

A : Yes.

Q : Can you re-enter even if you've made it to the finalists?

A: Yes. Especially due to the changes in our competition going forward, any previous entrants are allowed to re-enter as long as they haven’t previously been declared a winner. It does not however guarantee that the entrant will make it to the finalists selection.

Q : Do you look for something specific in girls wanting to enter UW?

A : We get hundreds of entries each year, we look for something special that sets someone apart from others. We wanna look at someones photos, profile or entry and just feel and know that they have that extra something special, that X factor.

Q : Do you have to be signed with an agency to be eligible?

A: No. We welcome signed and unsigned models, influencers and creators. Please note that if you are signed with an agency and are selected to go further, it will be your responsibility to notify your agency, we will only deal with entrants directly.

Q : Are there any age restrictions?

A : Yes, all entrants are required to be over the age of 18 and under the age of 40.

Q : Do you need to be a fitness babe in order to enter?

A : There’s absolutely no requirement to be into fitness, as long as the entrant leads and promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle, someone that other girls can aspire to.

Q : Do you have to have a specific body shape to be considered?

A : You don’t need to have a specific body shape to be considered, but you have to have an overall appeal. We are ideally looking for representation of all types of physiques, so all are welcome, as long as the other criteria is also met. We are looking for the best candidates to put through to the competition, so no look or physique will be promoted over another just to tick a box, we look at each candidate as a whole and everything she brings to the table as a person, which in our eyes goes beyond any one ‘look’.

Q : Can a curvy/plus size girls also enter the competition?

A : Yes, we encourage girls of all shapes and sizes to enter, as we want to relate to and represent all women through the media we put out, but the person has to portray and promote a healthy lifestyle and image. We are all about promoting self love, we will not choose someone who is actively abusing their body, that’s not what we promote.

Q : What entry photos do you look for?

A : We look for 2-3 of your best photos, photos must consist of close up / portrait photos as well as full body shots, or alternatively full body shots where you can see the face clearly as well.

Q : Do you have to have professional photos to enter?

A : You do not need professional photos to enter the competition, most devices these days can take great quality photos. Any photos will suffice as long as they haven’t been drastically modified through editing apps or heavy filters.

Q : What do you have to wear for the entry photos?

A : The photos can be taken wearing fitness clothing, bikinis, underwear, a dress or anything you’d like, there’s no restrictions or preferences as long as we can get a clear idea of what you really look like.

Q : Are there any restrictions in terms of looks, like tattoos etc?

A : There are no restrictions, especially not on tattoos. We are open to all looks as long as there’s a compatibility to the overall brand image.

Q : In your words, what/who is the ULTIMATE Wildcat? What should she embody?

A : The Ultimate Wildcat is someone who’s fierce, someone who stands out from the crowd cause she’s got that special spark in her eye. She’s someone who is confident, not afraid to take chances and chase after her dreams, someone who’s a hard worker and is passionate about everything she touches, and above all someone who’s kind to others, because without kindness, there is no beauty.

Q : Is social media following a factor when entering?

A : It’s considered as a factor but not something that’s gonna sway a decision in any one way. We look at potential for growth just as much as the growth that one may have already achieved.

Q : How important are looks and fitness when entering?

A : We are looking for someone who can represent us in photographic and videographic campaigns. So while you don’t have to be the prettiest, the slimmest, the most muscular or the tallest, you have to have an overall general appeal, or have something interesting about your look or who you are that will appeal to our customers and something other young girls will aspire to.

ULTIMATE WILDCAT - Influencer Search - Terms & Conditions :

This competition is open to both residents of RSA as well as foreigners residing inside the RSA.

All entrants must be over the age of 18.

By entering the competition the entrant accepts the terms and conditions stated below.

Entries without all the complete submission requirements will not be accepted.

This is a free-to-enter competition, entries will open on – Wednesday the 1sth of February 2023 and will remain open until end of day – Monday 20th February 2023. The Top 30 Finalists will be announced on Wednesday the 1st of March 2023.

The finalists will be selected by representatives of WILDCAT, the decisions are final. Each challenge will go up for public voting bi-weekly and all selections will be made solely based on public votes.

The Top 4 finalists will be selected to attend The Ultimate Wildcat Experience photoshoot in May 2023 *exact date and location to be confirmed*. If a top 4 finalist is unable to attend, a runner-up will be selected instead based on the public voting. All travel arrangements and accommodation will be provided by WILDCAT.

WILDCAT reserves the right to change or substitute any of the prizes, should any of the sponsors withdraw from the competition for any reason.

*All prizes are subject to each brands contract’s terms and conditions. 

By submitting your entry into this competition, you grant WILDCAT and the sponsoring brands of the #UltimateWildcat competition permission to use any advertising and promotional materials using your name and / or image during the duration of this competition and for an additional period of 9 months post competition completion for all social media channels. Additionally, all media content produced by WILDCAT and/or the sponsoring brands of the #UltimateWildcat competition within the competition period will remain the property of WILDCAT and/or the sponsoring brands and can be used at the company’s discretion, without payment or any other consideration.